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  • Blue Lagoon Hotel operates within the stunning Capital Coast complex In the center of the tourist town of Paphos on the Beach

  • Large rooms and suites

  • Spectacular beach views

  • Private beach

  • Indoor, outdoor & children’s swimming pools

  • Fully operational Spa & Wellness centre, including a fitness centre.

  • Free coffee and cake all day long in the lounge

  • Shul, with daily minyanim

  • Glatt Kosher Lemehadrin under the strict supervision of Rabbi YOEL KAPLAN Shlit'a Chief Rabbi Of Albanya. 
    All the products are on the highest level of Kashrut; meats - Glatt Kosher, dairy - chalav Yisrael, baked goods - Pat Yisrael and cooked food -Bishul Yisrael.

  • B&B or Half Board (High quality breakfast and dinner buffet). For Lunch, fresh sandwiches can be made at the sandwich bar.

  • Free airport shuttle from Paphos Airport

  • Daily Trips & Activites (for an additional fee)

  • Tons of local activities

  • And much more…

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